Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wryneck's Galore

April saw the arrival of many summer visitors to La Drova including large numbers of Wryneck, some seen if you have the patience.
Nightingales can be heard right through the valley. A male and female Pied Flycatcher have been spotted again this year but cannot determine if they breed here (no sign of Spotted Flycatcher yet). A single Redstart was seen on 1st April and the first Woodchat Shrike on 10th April ). Red-Rumped Swallows have been seen collecting nest material which means they must be breeding in La Drova (good news).
Bee-eaters past overhead at high altitude on 15th April.
Golden Oriole have now arrived (first heard calling today 21st April in front of our Villa) with any luck they will be breeding again this year.
Our resident Tawny Owls are calling though the night only interrupted by the sound of  the Nightingale.
Still waiting for the song of the first Melodious Warbler.
Our species count for La Drova now stands at 54 for this year and 74 in total.

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